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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, here comes the snow and the cold, what you need to know before the big change is coming tomorrow morning. a 95-year-old woman trapped in a burning house and her son is u
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>> i couldn't do anything, i was helpless. >> tonight, how firefighters moved in for the rescue. >> and our new attorney general confirmed on a party-line vote while protesters signed a letter accusing him of voter intimidation. news 4 begins now with storm team 4. oh, it's going to be a shock to the system, folks with record-high temperatures and very cold numbers, february will make a comeback for us. >> things are going to look and feel a whole lot different outside in just a couple of hours. we're tracking a winter storm that is already dumping the snow, a few inches sticking to the ground in parts of the midwest tomorrow. >> but the big impact comes from the northeast, philadelphia, new york, boston, all bracing for heavy snow. schools are closed, thousands of flights already cancelled. well, tonight we got one more chance to enjoy the warm weather. the biggest change for most of you tomorrow could be the co
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>> that is right, let's go to chief meteorologist dug kammerer for the full forecast. >> i think the big problems will be to the northwest. but really i think it will be well to the north maybe 100 miles to the north. the biggest impact from the system will not be the snow, but the very cold temperatures behind it. but the timing of the snow does have a little bit of impact on the morning commute. let's get right to it and show you storm team radar. there is no snow on the radar right now, just rain beginning to fall in the portion of the area, temperatures are still in the 50s for the most part, how do you get snow from that? cold back to the west, cincinnati seeing about an inch of snow in that part of the region, the kind of snow we'll get. i do not think it will be a big snowstorm, just very likely very, very cold air, but look what happens a timing issueth
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the morning rush. now we still have a winter weather advisory, northern loudoun county, no advisories for washington metro area and points to the south. doesn't mean we won't see snow, but won't be a big problem. tomorrow, main roads just wet, they will be wet with snow coming down, some delays to the northwest possible. visibility a concern during that morning rush because the snow could come down heavy for an hour or two before it moves on out and then just gets windy and very, very cold out there, we'll have more on how much snow to expect, because we have changed the snowfall map, very cold numbers, coming up in about ten minutes. road crews in d.c., maryland and virginia will be ready to roll in the morning but they did not pre-treat the roads because of all the rain we'll get before the snow, and before the cold moves in, a lot of you spent the time outside while you
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>> reporter: throughout the area people were outside, well into the morning, soaking the astonishing record-breaking warmth. shorts in penn area and cleveland park, a comfortable afternoon walk in downtown. >> 70 degrees today? sort of scary. >> i did all day. and i'm looking forward to tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow temperatures felt far away as the mercury dipped into the communi comfort zone. >> i'm a crossing guard outside so i love it. >> news 4 will be up with you early tomorrow morning all starting at 4:00 a.m. to bring you the latest weather forecast, first 4 traffic and any school delays before youea
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door. his house was on fire, his 95-year-old mother trapped in an upstairs bedroom. a district man trying to fight through the smoke and flames to reach her but as news 4's darcy spencer reports, it was the d.c. firefighters who pulled her to safety. >> reporter: this is 95-year-old virginia haskell, rescued by firefighters in her d.c. home. >> i heard her yelling, what is going on? smoke is in the house. >> reporter: her soon ben said that food caught fire on the stove and the flames grew very quickly. >> well, i went to see if i could put the fire out first but it already reached the cabinet. and so that is when i called 911. >> reporter: haskell said his mom was trapped in her bedroom. >> i tried to get upstairs to get my mom, but it was just too much smoke. >> reporter: when firefighters got there, there were flames
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street. >> she couldn't get out, there was a lot of smoke, she probably could not get through it anyway, and she was on her bed yelling for us. >> reporter: firefighters carried her out, she was conscious and breathing on her own. >> she just celebrated her 95th birthday, and we're just very happy to bring her out and continue on these years. >> reporter: family members say that virginia goes to church, and has a walker. >> for 95, she does fine. >> reporter: family members say she lived in this house for many, many years. the plan is to rebuild and for her to move back in as soon as she can. in southeast, darcy spencer, news 4. well, jeff sessions has been confirmed as attorney general and that is not sitting well with a group of activists in northeast d.c. who took a bull horn to mitch mcconnell's front door. >> say no to
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prevail. rewill resist. >> reporter: the protesters came to mcconnell's house on sea street tonight to read him a letter by coretta scott king, upset for the majority senate leader for silencing warren as she tried to read the letter on the floor. king's letter argued that session's record on civil rights and voting rights made him unfit to be a judge. >> i think disagreeing with people, this is not a healthy trend. >> reporter: and his colleagues voted to confirm him. he will immediately bring a more conservative bench to the attorney general's office which could mean tougher enforcement for immigration laws. >> this is law enforcement for most. >> people expect us to be -- those who defend us.
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the judge tweeted that president trump will swear him in tomorrow. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. tonight, president trump's own supreme court nominee is taking issue with the president's tweets, judge neil gorsuch caused them disheartening. over the weekend, trump criticized the judge who halted his executive action. a judge said that he was concerned with his remarks. >> he certainly expressed to me that he is disheartened by the demoralizing and terrible comments made by president trump about the judiciary. >> senator blumenthal
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judiciary committee and has not decided if he will vote for judge gorsuch. meanwhile, the decision on the president's travel ban is expected this week. and a reminder for workers to move over on the highway. there was a deadly crash on i-66 after a man died after running into a group of highway maintenance trucks parked on the side of the road. the impact caused the car to flip, killing the driver, 52-year-old lansing dow, who police say was not wearing a seat belt. one of the maintenance workers was also injured but will be okay. more than three weeks after a deadly police shooting in fairfax county, we still don't know the name of the officer who pulled the trigger. a court hearing could determine how much that would last. right now a restraining order from a federal judge bars police from publicly identifying the officer. investigators say that mohammed
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dutsai shot his two brothers last month and went to the door with a knife. the officers shot and killed him. the fairfax county police are trying to be more transparent, adopting new policies since the shooting of john gear back in 2013. the officer who shot and killed gear later plead guilty to manslaughter. some call them heroes, but three deputies say they were just doing their job facing intense smoke and fire they saved a man trapped in his suv after a crash. happening last week, the man ran head on into a light pole and the car burst into flames, one deputy ran into the fire, he tried but could not pull the guy out, then two other deputies arrived. >> if we waited and the fire could have gotten him like when i was in there grabbing his leg you could see the fire coming up underneath the floor board. >> the impact threw the driver to the passenger side of the suv's pinning him between the seat and the door.
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tonight, the news 4 iteam investigates the way scammers are going after your money. and getting paid with your phone is quick and easy but if you are not careful it can cost you. >> these scammers find what is popular and will try to work it. the transaction was cancelled. i got screwed. up next, what
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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uh-- wha-- woof! eeh-- woof! wuh-- [silence] [engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues] all too often, we hear buyer beware, but tonight we hear another warning for the seller.
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us, a popular payment ad is not just a big hit with buyers, but with local scammers, too. >> no need to carry cash and cards these days, the digital wallet -- as the news 4 iteam found, some users say they got digitally burned. >> this person was very eager to buy the car. >> wilburn said he responded to a craigslist ad, where they sent him $1800. >> the new way to bend it, you see the money in your account and you think it's there to say. >> even before they end up in d.c. >> signed it over, replaced the tags for him, and then he drove off. >> 12 hours later, he said he got an e-mail and the payment was stopped. >> then i saw the money out of the account and reversed and sent back. yeah, i couldot
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>> neither could nick, who said he was ripped off by the buyer before the holidays. >> asked me to meet him, he could only pay through this app. >> he watched the guy transfer $50 for iphone 7s he was selling. >> came into my account, said it was successful, transferred the money. >> but the next day? >> i got the e-mail saying the transaction was cancelled. i got screwed. >> out his money and phone. >> it is, these apps are breeding grounds for the scammers who find what is popular and they work it. >> the better business bureau said anybody using the app should treat it carefully. >> you need to remember there is a delay, the days in between when the transaction was put in and when they're taking that money from the buyer's account and putting it into yours. people think it is right away. >> she tells the iteam she and herro
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the three football tickets they sold. >> we're season ticket holders for the 49ers. >> even more frustrating was how they say venmo responded. >> i'm very mad that venmo did not do anything. >> i called them, they gave me the runaround, not telling me anything. >> there is no consumer protection, it is all buyer beware. >> the iteam found he is right. they say there is no buyer or seller protection and that the app is designed for friends and people who trust each other. >> reporter: others say personal accounts may not be used to receive business, commercial arrest mayor chanlt transactions. they say it requires an application and explicit authorization. >> the transactions should really be done with people that you can trust. and really not even just people that you have just met. people you know will be good for the money. >> venmo putle
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protect people. alex wishes he had gone the old fashion route. cash. he never saw his car again. >> on the bright side, it was a really old car that needed to go. and somebody took it off of my hands for free is the way i look at it. >> experts recommend linking any venmo accounts to a bank account, but best to use cash or money orders when selling big ticket items. for more advice, look for our app and investigations. stick with the cold cash. yeah, there you go. all right, doug, what is this about changing the snow totals? >> all right, you know i get excited when we talk snow. let me show you my face right now for this excitement. oh -- >> come on. >> yeah, i really don't think we'll see much. it's so hard to get snow, 74 earlier today, 53 deges
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our area right now. temperatures across the region still very warm, just look at the numbers, sitting in the 50s, 53 degrees currently at the airport, the wind out of the east at 12 miles per hour, as we move on through the rest of the region still in the 40s, 46 in winchester, 48 in gaithersburg, still warm here to the west, well above freezing, we still have the winter weather advisory. parts of loudoun and montgomery county points to the northwest. but i doubt we even hit advisory criteria there. and nothing to the south, we'll not see that type of impact in our region, we have the rain starting across parts of our region, this was forecasted earlier. seeing the rain move on earlier. should be in the d.c. metro area, around 1 or 2 p.m. you notice the change, there it is, we're seeing the changeover moving quickly to the east. take a look at the snow, when it
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moves in and we see it change to snow, it will be a quick moving storm, here we are at 11:00, by 2:00 a.m. we have some heavy rain around 2:00 a.m. in the d.c. metro area seeing it change over from hagerstown, and everybody is seeing the snow to the northwest, by 4 or 5:00 a.m., coming down pretty good here at this time and i do expect to see some accumulation on the grassy surfaces. d.c. may get in on this at 6:00. now i normally wake up at 8:00 a.m. if you wake up at 8:00, it's gone, it is gone. that is how fast this will move. you may sleep right through this thing and by 9:00 a.m., it will be fine. not anticipating any issues after that time, that is why i would not be surprised to see two-hour delays tomorrow. watch what happens tomorrow afternoon, 1:00, sunshine, windy and cold. you can still see the snow back to the west. we'll get in on snow showers in the afternoon, more
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snow than the actual event because temperatures will be colder. here is the updated snowfall map, nothing southeast of d.c., you may see snow, but it's not going to accumulate. mainly gaithersburg, d.c., i don't think you will see any at all. one to two inches of slush up to marti martinsburg, fredericksburg. after 7 6:00 a.m., the roads could get slick, hagerstown, chance of accumulation, a low impact event down to the south, moderate to the north, just because of the timing if you're up at 4, 5, 6:00 a.m. you may have a bit of an issue, all in all this is not a big snow event. it's a big cold event. and really it is, 38 temperature tomorrow, wind chills in the 20s, 30 on friday, 21 early friday morning and the wind chills on friday morning will be in
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locations, in the low teens in the metro area. as fast as we get cold, we get warm again, 70 on sunday, and it doesn't look like we're going to see the numbers above average, valentine's day looking good, next wednesday, another interesting system, we'll have to look and see what happens. >> it's another letdown. >> all right, thank you, doug. coming up, wizards get all they can handle from one of the worst teams in the league. first, here is jimmy fallon. hey, guys, seth meyers is my
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> scare for the wizards tonight, with not one of the best. >> you would think coming off a game against the best team that bouncing back against the worst team would be cake. no. the wizards, they were agegoinge to toe with the best team and the reign nba champions. tonight on the road playing the brooklyn nets, a team who only won nine all season. just his second game of the season, two points in 12 minutes but the wizards lead by 12 in the fourth. bogdanovic ties the game, heading to overtime. next up, bradley beal spotting up the hits, wizards take a
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one-point lead, now off this turnover, beal shot blocks, 20 points and ten boards for him. wizards back on top. bogdanovic holding on, now a bonanza, final seconds of the game, gw down two, at the buzzer it's good. gw looks like they won it. point four seconds left on the clock. then on this inbound, called for the foul, bcu would hit both free throws to take the one-point lead. last chance, no good. bcu wins a wild one, 54-53. now a few other scores for you, george mason wins, 76-69. american calls to univerty
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navy winners against loyola, 62-59. and ali joining the caps for practice. playing hockey on the united arab emirates women's hockey team. she traveled with her favorite team. she impressed the caps with her skills and this visit was a dream come true. >> i was nervous the whole time, i was telling my brother, just remind me to breathe. calm down. >> coming from across the world, it's intimidating. she does awesome. she got out there, you can be nervous, but she was able to show her skill and what a great skater she is, she is very impressive. >> a few guys told me she had way better skills than i did. and i'm on the ice a lot. that hurts, more than anything just see her smile and the guys having fun and doing all ha
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society right now. >> she has a lot of talent. >> yes, she did get a signed stick from ov, and she told me that no one else is allowed to touch it. >> take that. thank yo >> thatu.
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the countdown clock is ticking now. we're one year away exactly from the winter olympic games. the city of pyeongchang will welcome the athletes for the first winter olympics to be held on south korean soil. there are two main venues spread across three main clusters. all of them are ready t
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they have all things ready. and construction of a high-speed bullet train to carry them to the olympics, almost complete, too. >> i think doug is going to have to travel there to find him some snow. >> we all would love to get that did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business.
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you might call patricia washington lucky. after all, not only did she play a dc lottery game once and win. she played another game and won that three times. and then she tried a different dc lottery game and won that, too. so, how is patricia doing with her bowling? well, let's just say she does better with the lottery. ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- seth meyers, dev patel, musical guest, kidud


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